KC3 Award Winner

#6: I Survived The Attacks Of September 11, 2001

Nothing is more important to Lucas than football, but when he gets his third concussion, his parents decide it’s too dangerous for him to keep playing his favorite game. He is sure his Uncle Benny will convince his parents to change their minds, and he skips school to find Benny at the firehouse where he works. But then a terrible attack happens in New York City, and Lucas is caught in the center of one of the most terrifying days in modern American history. I wrote this book after getting thousands of requests from readers, and it has become the most popular I Survived book yet. 



This video is not about September 11th. It’s about concussions, and every kid should watch it. My son made the video about our friend Chris Coyne, a high school football star who didn’t understand the dangers of concussions, and has played a high price. Click here to watch!

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