I Survived True Stories #1: Five Epic Disasters

Many readers ask me what my inspiration was for writing the I Survived series. The answer is in this book, I Survived/True Stories: Five Epic Disasters. It's a collection of five thrilling nonfiction articles that have appeared in the amazing magazine that I've edited for almost 2 decades now: Storyworks. The magazine is read by 700,000 kids in elementary school classrooms. And the heart of each issue is a nonfiction article about a fascinating and exciting topic from history or science. This book includes five of the most popular articles that first appeared in Storyworks. I've expanded each article, and added amazing nonfiction facts. Unlike the I Survived books, which are historical fiction, these books are nonfiction. Each features real kids who have lived through some of history's most intense and terrifying events, including:

  • The Children's Blizzard of 1888
  • The Titanic, 1912
  • The Great Boston Molasses Flood, 1919
  • The Japanese Tsunami, 2011
  • The Henryville Tornado, 2012